How to stop sugar cravings with coconut oil

Eliminating sugar cravings is critical in weight loss. This is because it can easily tarnish your weight loss effort. So, don't take this lightly. You've probably tried many ways to stop your cravings for sugar but no joy, right? However, with coconut oil, you can almost effortlessly beat your sugar cravings. How?

1. MCFA in coconut oil

The principle coconut oil works to stop sugar craving is actually very straightforward. No frills at all and it requires very little will power from you. Really.

As coconut oil contains more than half of medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA) in its content, you'll feel easily satisfied. When you feel satisfied but not really full, it stops you from overeating. But that may not help you overcome sugar cravings yet.

Eat more coconut oil and you'll feel nauseous. It is this feeling that nauseates you and makes you lose your appetite on anything in sight, even your favorite sweet stuff like ice-cream, candy etc.

Yes, and the feeling gets more intense when you consume virgin coconut oil for weight loss instead of the regular coconut oil. Virgin coconut oil bears a unique odor that may play a part in stopping your sugar cravings.

Which means, virgin coconut oil is more effective in helping you to overcome your sugar cravings. As a good "side effect", nausea makes you stop emotional eating too.

In fact, emotional or commonly called binge eating associates very closely with sugar cravings. Emotional instability always triggers cravings. And we all know that sugar can make us feel happy. So, we binge high sugar food.

So now, with virgin coconut oil, you can stop emotional eating and overcome sugar cravings altogether. Killing two birds with one stone.

2. How much virgin coconut oil for beating sugar cravings?

As a beginner, I suggest that you start with just a teaspoon per day first. It may not immediately stop your sugar cravings. But it will make your addition of coconut oil to your diet safer and more seamless. Oh, does coconut oil cause "danger"?

Not really danger. Eating too much coconut oil especially as a beginner can cause diarrhea. It's the MCFA that may stimulate bowel movement. That's why I recommend one teaspoon per day. And try not to take coconut oil on an empty stomach. The diarrhea effect can be more intense with an empty stomach since there is nothing inside to slow the breaking down of coconut oil into its individual MCFA.

There is no hard and fast rule as to when you can start taking how much so that it can stop sugar cravings more effectively,. It all depends on your body response to the bowel-loosening effect of coconut oil.

As long as the amount of coconut oil does not make you run to the bathroom too often, you can start increasing your intake until the recommended dosage for health and weight loss, which is 3 or 4 tablespoons per day.

Just bear in mind to mix or add coconut oil to your food. Don't take it straight off the spoon.