Will I lose weight if I stop eating meat for a week?

It seems that you're trying out plant-based diet for 7 days to see if it really lives up to its weight loss reputation. Well, before doing that, I need you to take note of these two critical points otherwise your stop-eating-meat weight loss regimen may render futile.

1. One Week is Too Short

Animal meat can indeed do more harm than good since it leaves a whole bang lot of acidic ash after digestion, making your body extremely acidic.

Not only that, animals produce toxins under extreme stress, fear, rage or other negative emotions when they're slaughtered for food. These toxins are stored within the tissues and when you eat the meat, you're in fact consuming the toxins as well.

What's even worse is that if the animals are fed foods that contain pesticides, growth hormones and antibiotics, those extra chemicals will pass on to you as well.

Massive toxins, extra growth hormones, unwanted pesticides and antibiotics can inflict unthinkable damages on your health, causing an imbalance in your hormones and lead to a serious metabolic disorder.

Therefore, stop eating meat does help you lose weight by improving your overall health and thus, fix your metabolism. But a week of meat-free diet is not enough to see much weight loss result especially when your body has been so heavily intoxicated in the past.

Taking vegetarian diet for a week, at best, can help you flush out certain portion of toxic waste. You need to cleanse your body by at least 50–70% (depending on individuals' lifestyle) before you can start seeing significant result in weight loss.

Hence, I suggest stop eating meat for more than a week, like 2–4 weeks. This should help you lose weight better. But keep it going because once you go back to your meat diet, toxins and other metabolism-damaging chemicals will accumulate and destroy your metabolism once again.

2. Calorie Counts

You may not lose weight even when you stop eating meat because calorie still counts.

If you do not track the quantity of your calorie intake, you can easily heap on excess calories and gain weight as a result. Besides that, you must know how to make your meat-free diet tasty, otherwise, you would find it difficult to stop eating meat just to lose weight.

Having said that, go get some free yet delicious vegetarian recipes online to make up a diet plan for weight loss. If you decide to go without a diet plan, then you must make sure your diet contains adequate nutrients to keep your body metabolically active.

To conclude, stop eating meat can help you lose weight provided you have both the correct calorie intake and nutrients for your body.

Oh, if you're unaware of the weight loss benefits of coconut oil, let me tell you now, add coconut oil to your meat-free diet because it can boost metabolism and help you burn more fat.